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When packing items in boxes, mark the contents of the box on the outside of the box or create a paper inventory list for inside the box. Knowing what's in a box simplifies the unpacking and "finding things" process.

Think your way through the storage process. Place boxes you will need last in the storage unit first. Those things you will need first go into storage last. If you have an inventory list on the packed boxes, place the list toward the door so that you can read the box.

Place large, heavy items down at floor level. Lighter items can be placed higher in the stack.

Plastic sheeting on the floor helps to protect your furniture. A table's surface can be covered with paper or bubble wrap for protection. Store table with the surface down and the legs up. If easily accomplished, remove the legs and tape them together along with the mounting hardware.

Legs of chairs and such should be wrapped to prevent scratching. If chairs are stackable, place paper between chair layers. Avoid leaning furniture to avoid warping. Use furniture drawers as extra secure and strong "boxes" for small or breakable items.

Disassemble beds and tape rails and mounting hardware together. Protect the head and foot boards with paper or cloth. Place mattresses and springs in mattress bags (available in our store).

Metal Items
Wipe a thin coat of oil on the exposed, unpainted surfaces of metal items such as tools, bicycles, garden implements and such. If possible, wrap the oiled items in cloth or paper to prevent the staining of other stored items.

Paper Products
Store books, newspapers, valuable papers and other such items in strong but small boxes (give your back a break). Most paper items store best flat. Fill empty portions of box with packing to prevent movement. Place boxes with paper items off the floor. The cushion area of couches and chairs are perfect for paper products.

Wrap exposed surfaces in paper to prevent scratches. Tape appliance doors shut while in the moving process. If storing a refrigerator, dish or clothes washer, once in the storage unit, open the door slightly to prevent mildew and odors within the unit. Use the interior space of appliances for additional storage space.

If the clothing is important, use garment boxes (available in our store) to "hang" your garments. Use your miscellaneous, less-important clothing items as soft packing material for fragile items.

Packing Tips: another great reason to make Willoughby Self Storage your storage company of choice.