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Q: Do you have truck rental?
     A: We offer a Rental Truck Rebate.

Q: Do you have electricity in the individual units?
     A: No, but we can add it. All units are lighted through the ceiling screen.

Q: What kind of security do you have?
     A: The building is brick construction, is equipped with photo eyes, and ADT monitored with response.

Q: What kind of fire protection do you have?
     A: We have a fire sprinkler system throughout the building as well as fire extinguishers. The sprinkler system is monitored by the fire department via ADT. We are state inspected.

Q: Do you have heat for the winter & A/C for the summer months?
     A: We have year-round climate control.

Q: Do I have to come into the office to pay my rent each month?
     A: No, you can come into the office, or you can use our drop-payment slot. You can also mail your payment or telephone us with a credit card. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.

Q: Do you have any insurance for my belongings?
     A: An insurance program for your belongings is available. Also, your Home Insurance Policy could be covering you.

Answers to your questions... another great reason to make Willoughby Self Storage your storage company of choice.